Am I required to have a motorcycle insurance policy in Edmonton?

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In Edmonton, it is the law that all bikers need to have a motorcycle insurance policy if they wish to legally operate their motorcycle on the roads (or off road). With this in mind, bikers who want to find the best policy prices, the right motorcycle insurance coverage options, and terms which fit their budget and coverage needs, must consider a well known insurance company in Edmonton for their policy needs. So, now that you know you have to have coverage, what should you purchase and which policy will suffice for your driving needs?

Do you need more than basic coverage –
Any motorcycle insurance company in Edmonton will inform you that you are required to have a policy to legally operate your motorcycle. But, do you need collision or additional coverage when purchasing a policy? The simple answer is no, you do not require additional coverage. But, depending on how often you plan on riding your motorcycle, it might be wise to consider investing in additional policy terms. With basic coverage, you might not be able to file a viable claim if injuries occur, or if a certain level of damage is reached, and your policy does not cover that high amount. So it is worth considering investing in additional/optional coverage, even though it is not a requirement when choosing an insurance policy.

Add collision to your policy –
For the reasons above, many bikers choose to add collision protection as a premium to their motorcycle insurance policy. This type of coverage will pay for damage to your motorcycle. Even if the damage was not your fault, this coverage is going to protect you, and will help in offsetting the high cost of repairs on the bike.

Who needs the additional policy? –
This is truly a personal question that each individual has to ask themselves when purchasing a policy. Some factors to consider are:
1. If you drive everyday or drive several miles each time you take the bike out, it is worth investing in optional coverage.
2. If your bike is expensive (and parts for repair are costly) it might be a good investment decision.
3. If you have a low deductible, it is a good investment, since you will pay very little out of pocket, regardless of the amount of damage done to the bike.
4. If you are a speedy rider, or tend to ride off-road or in dangerous locations, this might be a wise investment to make when choosing an insurance policy.

Of course, every single biker is going to have different ideas of what they need and don’t need when purchasing a policy for their motorcycle. At a minimum, all bikers are going to have to purchase minimum coverage to legally ride their bike. But, with optional collision coverage, you can go to sleep with the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that if an accident does occur, or damage occurs, you are also covered. So, when the time comes to choose an insurer and coverage options, these are some ways to compare, and ensure you have sufficient coverage on your motorcycle.

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