Motorcycle insurance in Calgary – What policies are required, and how much is enough when it comes to coverage options?

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You might think that motorcycle insurance in Calgary is the same as a general car insurance policy. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth. For motorcycle owners, not only do coverage options greatly vary from car to motorcycle insurance in Calgary, but rates, coverage options and terms, and required coverage limits also vary. These are some things to consider when choosing motorcycle insurance companies, and a sufficient level of coverage as a biker.

1. “Minimum requirements” for bikers/riders –
Yes, there is such a thing as a “minimum requirement,” in terms of what motorcycle insurance companies are willing to insure. If you don’t fit the criteria, which varies for each insurer, an insurance company won’t even offer you a quote. So, make sure you compare companies, and understand what their criteria is, in order to ensure you can even have a policy for your bike.

2. Age isn’t everything –
Yes, it is a big deal (as is the case with car insurance policies) but it is not all insurers are going to account for in providing you with a quote. If you live in smaller cities or towns, areas where many accidents don’t occur, are a safe driver, or live on the outskirts of larger provinces/areas, your rates are far lower. The type of bike you own (in terms of manufacturer, new or used, colour, etc) also has great influence on the price you will pay for coverage. Make sure you know what each insurance company considers when providing you with quotes, in order to ensure you only compare insurers who are viable for your personal riding situation.

  1. Type of bike –
    The cost of coverage for sports bikes versus cruiser bikes will be quite different. The cost will also vary if you have a dirtbike, which is typically used for “off-roading”. So, if you are into riding in dangerous areas, or just fast driving, in general, your coverage will likely cost more. Again, the manufacturer of your bike might also influence coverage options and rates. A manufacturer strictly known for making high octane, fast motorcycles, is likely to carry higher rates than a cruiser or a bike that is typically driven within city limits. Although rates might not fluctuate much (and other variables do come into play) it is still worth noting this is going to affect your policy quote.Having a motorcycle insurance policy is a must for all bikers. As is the case with auto insurance, in order to ride a motorcycle, you must have at least the minimum coverage to legally ride your bike. This doesn’t mean you have to over-insure or pay more than you can afford for your policy. But, when you understand insurance companies, what they consider when giving you a quote, and of course the type of bike you own, you will have a much better idea of the rate you will have to pay. Remember to make sure you know what is considered, and what insurance companies look at, so you can find sufficient coverage, without overpaying for your policy premium.

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